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That kiss, that dress! We are collecting wedding photographs and stories from around the world and through the decades.

Share family photos across the generations. Pair up with someone older or younger than you and pass on the story behind the image.

What photo will you choose, and what story will you tell? Upload your photo and story to our website, and see them featured in this Gallery.

A selection of these photographs and stories is on display at Rich Mix in London from 8 - 19 February 2012.

Upload your photo here

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Image of Anthony

Image of Ashley

Image of Doris

Image of Colin

Image of Anita

Image of Nicolas

Image of DAVID

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Image of Natali

Image of Protik

Image of Neri

Image of Anna-Marya

Image of rafael

Image of Benjamin

Image of Francesca

Image of kim

Image of Mazal

Image of Tony

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